Thursday, April 3, 2008

East coast college visits, part 4

Scott Schuman, The Sartorialist, was at Yale yesterday -- unfortunately I missed him. On my tour, I kept on glancing around campus, hoping that he was still around but alas, he's back in New York City.
Yale University: New Haven, CT
Yale University is a phenomenal institution -- I love it so much that I tentatively want to apply early-action to this amazing school. New Haven obviously isn't as cultural as New York City or as quaintly elegant as the town of Princeton, but it does provide plenty of vibrant opportunities to Yale students. Oh, and New York City is only an hour away by train anyways. The Yale campus is so gorgeous -- the publisher of the Harry Potter series (who was at Yale a couple weeks ago) said that it was the closest to Hogwarts that she had ever seen. Mark Twain even said that Hilhouse Avenue, a street in the university, was the most beautiful street in America -- disputable, but I can see where he's coming from. I met with an alumni from my high-school and several members of the Yale cheer team -- all of whom are thriving at the school and having the best four years of their lives (I made sure of this fact by asking them, "Is this the best four years of your life?").

Of course, the academics are world-class -- no explanation needed. The unique aspect of the academic program is the two-week "shopping period", where students can "shop" around and try any classes they'd like before they register. I can always say yes to more shopping!

The residence college system is very interesting -- when you matriculate into the school, you are randomly sorted into one of twelve colleges. In the summer, you receive a letter welcoming you into your college. Each residence college has its own gorgeous dining hall, beautiful common room, fitness room, gym, etc -- and some even have recording studios and movie theaters!
Afterwards, my daddy and I drove to Poughkeepsie, NY, where I will be visiting Vassar College tomorrow.

Upon checking my email in the hotel room, my editor from Seventeen notified me that I've been chosen as one of Seventeen's "Best Dressed Girls in America"! While visiting the magazine office on Tuesday, my editor snapped a photo of me to submit for the contest. Unfortunately, the next day she asked me if I could submit some more photos, but my camera broke on that day. I decided that I had no chance in being chosen, and lightheartedly set off for Yale -- feeling quite flattered that one person (my editor) thought I dressed well.

Hopefully my outfit isn't too disappointing when I appear in the magazine -- I'm quite proud of the large leaps I've taken to develop my wardrobe since freshman year, and I'm still learning how to cultivate style.

Miss Couturable
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