Monday, April 7, 2008

Head-to-toe black

At the Teen Vogue office last Tuesday, I saw many stylish fashionistas dressed head-to-toe in black, even though spring traditionally dictates a brighter wardrobe palette. Jane Keltner, Fashion News Director, especially dazzled me in a black long-sleeved shirt, black knee-length tulip skirt, skinny multi-colored belt to cinch the skirt at her waist, black tights, and black pumps.

Since that formidable visit, I've been wondering how one pulls off this head-to-toe color palette (or lack of?) while still appearing radiantly delicate like Jane Keltner -- worn in the wrong way, black can be too severe in the birth of spring. Perhaps it's her fair skin complexion or her cornsilk hair -- characteristics that I lack.

I recalled New York Magazine's Spring Fashion 2008 feature on "Five New Yorkers Who Wear Only One Color Every Day" -- perhaps there is a way for me to wear head-to-toe black. Black is suppose to be slimming, right? Head-to-toe black outfits could be wardrobe solutions to my I'm-feeling-fat-days.
Taking a hint from Jane Keltner, perhaps the key to pulling off this look is to add a splash of color: a bright belt cinched around the waist or a fluorescent headband framing the face -- or as modeled by Audrey Hepburn: a bright and sweet smile.

Miss Couturable
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