Thursday, April 10, 2008

If I can make it here

As fellow bloggers such as Connie from Pretty Legit and Casey from Teen Fashionista are preparing for their summer magazine internships in New York City, I'm reminded that I, too, must start prepping for my internship in the fashion department with Seventeen. After finding out that I'd be the only high-school intern among the other college interns, I was very intimidated at first -- only to realize that being a high-school intern is even more incentive to stand out. National magazines don't ever accept high-school interns (I've inquired all over Manhattan), and I'm just going have to prove to my editor that even though she took a chance with me, a 16-years-old girl at the time of my interview -- and could have just hired one of many wonderfully qualified college-aged applicants, I will work extremely hard as I am very grateful for this opportunity.

Casey recently asked for tips on enjoying the best that New York City has to offer -- my dear cutefaces, what are some of your New York City tips that you can offer me this summer? My plan was to pick up a copy of Lonely Planet, roam around the five boroughs, shop (potentially with Casey?), and visit the Met. Then I realized that I needed more concrete ideas.

If I can make it in New York City, I can make it anywhere -- is that the correct saying? I've always dreamed of living and working in New York City -- I just didn't think it'd be before my 18th birthday.

Miss Couturable
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