Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Miley in Balmain

(Photo Credit -- Vanity Fair)
I should be on hiatus -- but as my journalism teacher said to me today, "You go to class everyday. You don't need to relearn the material as much as you need to review it."

So there's word circulating about Miley Cyrus's Vanity Fair Shoot -- from Jezebel to WWD. I'll be honest -- I like watching Hannah Montana on the Disney Channel. My little sister and I love to sing along to "Best of Both Worlds" in off-key voices while bouncing up and down on our mommy's bed.

This gentle controversy aside, the texture of Miley's Balmain dress is exactly how I think the texture of any jewel-toned dress should be. It's not overtly shiny in spite of its many glistening baubles, and the gentle folds are expected of a fashion house that continues Pierre Balmain's expertise in drapery.

I imagine that Miley's barefoot in this photo -- a dress this luxurious in such a minimal amount of space doesn't need many accessories.

Miss Couturable
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