Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Please give me another 8 hours

Within every 24-hour period, I always come across two or three situations that I find to be wonderful topics to write about -- unfortunately, I usually end up writing up only one of them, while leaving the rest of my ideas to ferment in my brain for a few more days.

Today especially has been extremely hectic -- from a luncheon with my journalism mentor to my end-of-the-year calculus exam (in preparation of the AP exam) to my eye-opening (both literally and figuratively) photoshoot for Seventeen today as one of the "Best-Dressed Girls in America". My daily schedule (not as exciting as it may seem, I must add) is both routine and exhilarating at the same time -- but whether one is going through the motions of life or living vicariously in one's pursuits, fatigue will inevitably set in.

That said, feel free to check out my latest post about headbands on the blog as I recuperate from the past few days.

I want to tell you about my prom dress revelations, my pursuits in asking a particular boy to prom, my new insight into the college application process after a session with Harvard and UPenn admissions directors at my school, and oh, my determination to find my place in the world (hint: my place is everywhere).

But first -- I need to get some sleep. Unfortunately this pile of homework next to me needs some tending to too.

Miss Couturable
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