Thursday, April 24, 2008

Pristine white for prom

My original prom ensemble plan revolved around a vintage cocktail dress -- unfortunately, I'm picky about every detail on my dress and I've yet to find a dress that fits my specifications. While I'm still hunting for the perfect vintage cocktail gown that murmurs Grace Kelly and doesn't scream '80s, my last minute alternative would be a white strapless cocktail dress with an oversize bow -- I can still pull off the top hat and commit to the rest of my outfit.

I seriously pondered over the Jay Godfrey Satin Bow Dress -- and then I discovered the As U Wish Bow Dress, which is over six times cheaper than the former. I'm undecided between the two dresses as I'm still looking for a 1950s style gown, but now I've realized that I need not worry about any girls wearing the same dress as me. Even if any other particular girl chooses to dress in a pristine white strapless cocktail dress too, a white dress represents a blank slate -- and a girl can personalize her blank slate.

Miss Couturable
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