Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Speed shopping meets bargain shopping

On Sunday, I intended only to pick up a black scrapbook and some colored paper from Michaels within the one-hour time block reserved for my little sister's ballet class.

However, it's a given that if I'm dropped off in front of some stores, I'm not going to be satisfied with just craft supplies for a school project. Even though I had carried only enough money for craft supplies -- not including the credit card, but I have enough self-control not to use my credit card for impulse buys.
With 40 minutes left before my sister pranced out of ballet class, I picked up this adorable polka-dot wristlet from Target -- on clearance for only $10! As prom approaches in a month, I've finally picked up the first piece from my prom-ensemble plan. I snatched up the wristlet, power-walked to the cashier, and exhaled floods of relief as I realized I had just spent $10 for an accessory piece that I used to spend $300 on. What good is a Marni clutch that doesn't complement my dress anyways?While browsing some other stores, I snatched up a pair of these Sam Edelman polka-dot flats -- on sale for only $40! The canvas upper and light construction functions well in the spring and summer -- especially because I disdain most sandals because they're too casual for my taste. Two years ago, I bought a pair of pink Kate Spade jelly thongs that I rarely wore because I felt like I was obscenely wearing shower slippers -- they still make wonderful "just-in-case" packing necessities though, as they came with their own clear plastic carrying bag.

By then it was five minutes until my time was up, but I was already in line with my new flats and a pair of DKNY black knee-high socks (only $3).

Three steals on a craft supply budget within 45 minutes -- not too shabby for someone who completely avoided sales racks for six years.

Miss Couturable
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