Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Sunday Six: April 13th, 2008

I lounged in bed this morning far past my capacity for shut-eye, convinced that I was oversleeping and finally experiencing a lazy Sunday. With reluctance, I checked my alarm clock: 6:30am. Hm.
  1. My junior prom is still a month away (and uh oh, I've yet to get my dress!), but I know a lot of other schools have already had their junior proms -- and many senior proms are coming up! Instead of keeping your prom dress in your closet for eternity, I've written up a few alternatives on the blog. My personal favorite is the prom dress drive -- two wonderful prom nights shared with one dress!
  2. I'm applying to be a member of the Nordstrom BP. Fashion Board -- it's a program for rising high-school seniors to learn about the fashion industry in terms of retail. While I don't have any career aspirations to work in retail, I do believe that I need to experience all facets of the fashion industry.
  3. Tears streamed out of my eyes like frozen comets veering off their celestial path as I closed The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Almost every high-school student has read this book -- but if you haven't by some divine mistake, I suggest you buy a copy from Amazon right now (mine only cost $4.00!). To spin out of control like Gatsby, to have everything luxurious and nothing valuable -- I could not help but whisper, "I'm sorry, Gatsby," as I read the last line of the book.
  4. Speaking of reading, dear Melissa Walker sent me a copy of her book, Violet by Design, a couple weeks ago. When I initially began the book, I assumed it would be a lighthearted young adult piece -- and in many ways it is -- but it was eerily interesting to read about Violet's struggle with losing five pounds when Ali Michael was recently sent home for gaining five pounds. You've probably read Melissa's work in Teen Vogue, ELLEgirl, Seventeen, and other magazines -- but reading a novel from a former magazine editor is a completely different experience.
  5. Trendinista discusses the burgeoning trend of childhood girliness -- the only doll I ever treasured was a porcelain wedding doll, but apparently there are some doll aficionados who read HauteDoll Magazine!
  6. Gala hosts the iCiNG Transformation Challenge, beginning the 21st of April! I signed up for the mailing list, but I've yet to figure out what my goal will be.
"I have to make to-do lists," said Stephanie after school on Friday, "But then I spend so much time making them that I have to re-make them again." Making to-do lists must occupy a lot of time, but they definitely make me feel better as I'm shifting through a pile of work.

Miss Couturable
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