Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Sunday Six: April 20th, 2008

It's midnight and I'm sitting on the floor eating a chocolate bar while my parents are miffed at me downstairs for breaking curfew without advanced notice. Here's to nights like this.
  1. Gossip Girl is back on Monday, April 21st -- and I'm hoping to finish my homework by showtime. In the meantime, check out this potential spoiler from Fashionista. Lucky Vanessa.
  2. When I was in middle school, I always had chapped unglossed lips because I was too lazy to put on chapstick or lip gloss. Nowadays, I carry my Lorac Lip Polish in Kiss wherever I go -- never thought I'd say this, but I need my lips to be glossy now. I've never cared much for the actual color, but all of a sudden luscious high-shine lips have become crucial to my daily routine.
  3. Casey of teenfashionista makes me so excited for New York City this summer. Yes -- I'll repeat this over and over again. I'm craving Pinkberry that much.
  4. I haven't even bought my prom dress yet, but I'm already looking for a bathing suit. I was hoping for something simple -- but maybe daring cutouts are feasible too?
  5. liebemarlene is absolutely adorable. I actually never cared much to look at other people's outfits -- but I can't stop backtracking through her blog!
  6. This morning as we drove through a nearby town, I saw infinitesimal numbers of people standing on the curb next to Home Depot. "This is what the economic recession has caused," Daddy said, "They stand here every morning, looking for a job helping someone build something." I hung my head in shame as we turned the corner -- because I will never have to wake up at the break of dawn just to stand at a sidewalk curb in hope of a temporary minimum-wage job. My life is sheltered -- there I was, sitting comfortably in the backseat of a leather seat in my Daddy's BMW, with the only pressing urgency being what I was going to wear tonight. Later tonight, I attended a friend's sweet sixteen bash -- in her absolutely magnificent estate home in the hills, with a plentiful of catered food, uniformed waiters, a DJ, and beautiful decorations.

    Freshman year, my friend told me about the time that her parents took their gardener home while she sat in the backseat with him, and she felt immensely guilty because he was going to take the city bus home, and she was on her way to a Chinese New Year party where she could easily get $200 from relatives within ten minutes.

    I came home thinking about all the things I take for granted in my life -- because I can say I work very hard but even if I do have a lot of work, my life is very easy and free of burden. Nothing seems fair anymore. Sometimes I wish good things in life could be parceled out evenly to everyone in society. Then again, I'm an absurd and naive idealist with a lot to learn, and usually my personal views are just...personal. I'm very inarticulate when I'm lost.
I have a feeling that I'm going to be grounded tomorrow morning.

Miss Couturable
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