Sunday, May 4, 2008

2008 to 2009

I recently saw my former driver -- a wonderful grandfatherly figure from Vietnam who loves little kids.

He was wearing his navy blue "UCSD Dad" baseball cap as usual.

"Are you applying to college soon?" he asked, "My son is premed at UCSD. He got a scholarship there."

He beamed and sighed proudly, and I beamed along with him in the backseat of the car. It was transparently obvious how proud he was of his son -- and I was proud too.

As the Class of 2008 is about to graduate, I cannot help but swell with pride at the maturation of the first faces I met when I came to visit my high-school as an eighth grader.

Natalie to Harvard, Heidi to Wellesley, Stephanie to Georgetown -- from Natalie's amazing sense of style that I do not know how to emulate to my early-morning chats with Heidi about boys to the numerous girly conversations about clothes and college with Stephanie, they will sorely be missed as they jet off to their wonderful colleges on the east coast.

I will brush my tears aside and be happy for and proud of the Class of 2008. It's their moment to shine.

Class of 2009, are you ready?

Miss Couturable
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