Monday, May 26, 2008

Hiatus until June 8th!

It seems like everyone is going to be in New York City this summer -- from dear Gala who organized a screening of Sex and the City on Friday that I won't be able to attend, to Casey of Teen Fashionista who will be flying out for her internship very soon.

Thankfully, I won't be merely reading other bloggers' experiences in New York City because I'll be there myself for seven weeks.

Summer 2008
June 9th - June 14th
Visiting Boston and New York City with the family
June 15th - August 9th
Internship in New York City
August 11th - August 22nd
Returning home for cheer camp

Until then however, I have to finish up schoolwork, SATs, and finals -- the last high-school finals I will ever take, by the way. My school canceled final exams for seniors both first and second semester so that we could use the precious time to work on college applications. The school administration deserves cupcakes.

What are your summer plans, my lovelies?

Miss Couturable
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