Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Nolcha Metier: Issue 1

I recently received copies of Issue 1 of Nolcha Metier in the mail -- a fashion business print publication that I write and edit for. I was highly impressed by the independent magazine -- a succinct glossy publication with professional design, focus on the fashion business, and filaments of style.
I'm especially grateful to all of the adults in the company, who took a chance on a high-school junior like me for the premiere issue of their publishing venture. Given the wonderful task and privilege as an editor and writer, I remember sleepless nights trying to refine my articles and uncover last-minute research -- while frantically cramming for my calculus exam and finishing my history paper."How collaborations are a boost for retail sales" and "Cyber Monday: the power of online business" -- my first two articles for the magazine! It was definitely an adventure to navigate the unfamiliar intricacies of the fashion business, but I've come to realize that one cannot expect success in any industry without understanding the concepts of business first.

I'm currently working on a number of articles for Issue 3 of Nolcha Metier. I've been published in print (including glossies) before, but it is a wonderful and rejuvenating experience to lay eyes upon a piece of published writing that wasn't originally in my comfort zone. All writers must share a special type of joy when they see their names in print, whether it's their first published piece in the corner of the school newspaper or the fiftieth column they've written for a major publication. I hope to never lose this adrenaline rush.

Miss Couturable
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