Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Sunday Six: May 18th, 2008

As the temperature climbs to unreasonably high degrees, I am reminded that summer -- the season of fantastic beginnings and bittersweet endings -- is approaching.
  1. So I always thought frozen yogurt couldn't be topped after Pinkberry, but that was before Yogurtland opened up shop nearby. This candy-colored store sells self-serve frozen yogurt, only $.30 an ounce. Within the past week, I've been here three times -- overflowing my container with mango tart frozen yogurt and mochi ball toppings.
  2. Phyllis Schlafly received an honorary degree from Washington University in St. Louis. This is a woman who believes married women can't be raped, who spent her whole career telling other women to stay in the home. I'm rather outraged that she who doesn't advocate advancement for other women would be honored with a degree herself.
  3. Dear Alexander McQueen, I've never thirstily coveted a purse before until I laid eyes upon your deliciously buttery 'Elvie' bag -- structurally artistic with tailored elegance.
  4. Frankie Morello Spring 2008 is so remarkably kitschy and fun -- forget about skin-tight Indy 500 racing suits when you can have a fabulous checkerprint miniskirt instead. With haute couture and Hollywood glamour, it's easy for one to forget the pure playful fun in fashion.
  5. Looking for stylish summer reading? Trend de la Creme recommends the top 5 fashion books to own.
  6. The Diane von Furstenbuerg Surrenda Skirt proves that organza isn't just for old-fashioned prom dresses.
The plane tickets to New York City and Boston have been bought -- updates on my summer plans coming up soon, after I get through the rest of these resort collections and my biology test.

Miss Couturable
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