Monday, June 16, 2008

Down south

I spent a good twenty minutes studying the subway map this morning -- in doing so, I managed to trek down to Greenwich Village, Noho, Soho, and East Village from the Upper West Side without getting lost. Hopefully my luck doesn't run out -- I spent five minutes staring at the street signs in Noho, figuring out the difference between avenues and streets.

After turning in my camera to the repair store in East Village for an estimate, I discovered Mavi Jeans over at Union Square. Now, being a petite-sized 5'1" girl who desperately wants a pair of black skinny jeans, I dashed into the store -- recalling raving reviews that this is the brand for short girls. Conclusion? Once I get my camera repaired (I shudder at the thought of the cost) and reevaluate my budget, I'm coming back for a pair of black skinny jeans that finally fit me.

After some considerable walking and maneuvering through subway lines, I met Casey of Teen Fashionista! Casey is both lovely and bubbly -- she is just as witty and amiable in person as she is online. She brought me to the Marc by Marc Jacobs store -- where she pointed me to a pair of light pink flats with ankle straps and a dainty bow on each strap, shoes that she's been craving. I immediately fell in love with the black version; I really need a pair of functional flats for my seven weeks here anyway. Unfortunately, they're not online -- otherwise, I would have a picture of them here in their dainty glory.

We had left our umbrellas in our respective rooms. The rain poured down heavily, the thunder boomed as if Zeus himself was pounding the afternoon dome (okay, not really), and it seemed like the dastardly storm of last Saturday was going to repeat itself. We ducked into Yogurtland -- Casey's first time there. At $.39 instead of $.30 per ounce and with an icier consistency than at the store at home, I'd rather try Red Mango or Pinkberry next time.

Casey mentioned all the work that she does outside of her Teen Vogue internship -- reminding me that after a wonderful day familiarizing myself with certain parts of Manhattan, I still need to finish my fashion articles and start my college applications.

Miss Couturable
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