Wednesday, June 18, 2008


There are too many sample sales, boutiques, department stores, and consignment stores in this city to not lead me to temptation with my credit card -- and at the same time, there are too many bakeries, cafés, frozen yogurt joints, and street food vendors that eat away at my wallet.

Luckily my residence provides both breakfast and dinner (included in the boarding fee), but when I'm out-and-about at lunchtime, I'm always surrounded by more delectable bites than I can budget.

Earlier this year, I remember joking with a friend about eating crackers and buying designer shoes -- but in reality, a 17-years-old girl has to eat. Luckily I keep my lunchtime expenditures down to $10 or less everyday with a healthy wrap or salad.

Nonetheless, if I wasn't aiming to return home to my parents exercising fiscal responsibility, I'd probably eat my own weight in lychee brownies from Amai Tea & Bake House -- and shop my own weight in ballerina flats and snappy day dresses too.

Miss Couturable
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