Monday, June 9, 2008

The next time that I gaze lustfully at a pair of heels

After two days of packing two of the biggest suitcases in my house, I've found a startling dilemma: for every five pairs of heels that I've packed, there is only one pair of flats. While I've amassed a quirky collection of pumps -- ranging from white patent leather Mary Janes to pink open-toed pumps with polka dotted bows -- I only have three pairs of flats.

Though flats are more practical for striding across campus, I've (ironically and somewhat foolishly) relegated my splurges to heels and have worn heels to school almost as many times as I've worn flats. The consequence? I currently have a pair of platform pumps in my suitcase that costs four times as much as the value of my three pairs of flats added together.

Whenever I read about Casey of Teen Fashionista's fabulous bundle of ballerina flats, I resolve myself to save my money for a pair of quality flats. While browsing the sale section at Nordstrom, I came across Prada white ombré patent bow flats for only $250 -- only to realize that I was $100 short because of my last 4-inch stiletto purchase. The stilettos, while I've received numerous compliments for them on the two days that I've worn them so far -- well, I've only worn them for two days so far.

Shopping in Boston and New York City will be very tempting and accessible -- but I'm going to jot down a reminder in my Moleskine: no more heels; keep the money in my wallet until I find a pair of flats to rival my collection of heels.

Miss Couturable
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