Saturday, June 21, 2008

Nostalgic for middle school

I sauntered off to Soho (again) today in order to finally check out the Kira Plastinina store on 594 Broadway. I was expecting an opulent bedazzled sign sticking out in front of the store, so it took me a few seconds to realize that the small "KP" sign across Houston Street was for the store.
That said, I felt like I was in middle school again -- there was a DJ upstairs playing a rap and hip hop mix, and everything on the racks were either shiny, glittery, bright, sparkly, or covered with cartoons. There were televisions showing clips of Kira and Paris Hilton and photos of the two on the wall. I spent most of my time in the store ogling the shelves stocking Dylan's Candy Bar, actually.

I wasn't particularly interested in buying anything, but I do wish there was a store like Kira Plastinina when I was in 7th grade because I would have loved it then (and only then). Oh wait, there was -- Zutopia. Does anyone remember that store? I fiercely denounced Limited Too back in 7th grade because of my loyalty to Zutopia.

Miss Couturable
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