Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Sunday Six: June 22nd, 2008

I bumped into a friend from theatre camp yesterday -- we were both shopping around Houston street. She is two years older than me and is currently an art student at NYU. She asked me if I wanted to go out that night -- I of course, obliged. That is, until I received a phone call from my parents: "No, you cannot stay out when it gets dark. You're 17-years-old and you're not an adult yet, so don't start getting any ideas about independence because you're still under my jurisdiction," said Mumsies (she winces when I jokingly but affectionately call her that). I grudgingly listened to her and bid my friend farewell -- because it's true, when your parents let you live by yourself in New York City before you've graduated high school, you have to respect them for all the lenience and trust they've given you so far. For now, 'tis better to calm my dear mommy's nerves and work hard, study lots, and sleep well. Call me boring, but I really love my parents and I'm so grateful for everything that they've supported me in so far and "pushing" their buttons would cause greater stress to all of us. Still, the bright lights are so tempting...

But then again, I have my college years and beyond to explore the city in greater detail at night. I don't despair for happiness is easiest to attain when one counts one's blessings.
  1. After a series of lectures from the lovely parents, I bought two books from the Strand Bookstore: The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood and Everything That Rises Must Converge by Flannery O'Connor. I'm hoping these two books will not only occupy my late nights until my next shipping of books from Amazon come, but also expand my literary knowledge as both works are acclaimed social critiques -- one of dystopia, one of elegant satire.
  2. Where can you get a great pair of Japanese denim for less than $50 with free two-hour alterations? Uniqlo. I bought a fantastic fitting pair of black skinny jeans for only $50 there yesterday and the store shortened the inseam for me within two hours. I realize that most of the fashionably-inclined and hipsters of New York City have already frequented this Japanese import and that I'm rather behind on my obsession, but whenever I visit the website I just see print t-shirts that I have no interest in. Somehow, I saw it as Urban Outfitters meets Bathing Ape meets American Apparel before. Turns out, Uniqlo is a fantastic place for high-quality basics at drool-worthy prices. Uniqlo executives, please consider opening one up near San Francisco.
  3. I just tried Pinkberry two days ago while I was lost on Spring Street. Even though I'm from California, the closest Pinkberry to me is a one-hour drive away. Pinkberry and Uniqlo? I've been missing out on some widely-known outlets of pleasure. Pinkberry is very creamy, more expensive than Yogurtland, and more sour than tart but still delicious. Next time, I'm trying Red Mango.
  4. Casey of Teen Fashionista wrote a really great guide to sample sales. I never realized that San Francisco had so many sample sales too, which is something I'm looking forward to when I get home.
  5. Ginger candy: better than saltwater taffy. That is, if you like a spicy burning sensation on your tongue in addition to a chewy texture.
  6. What's your favorite men's cologne? I remember being told that pheromones are contained in scents (is this true?), which must be why I begin to swoon when I smell Polo Black.
It's a somewhat rainy day -- but I don't have the rainy day blues. I'm eating extremely healthy, getting a great workout from nonstop pavement pounding (in search of fantastic bargains), and starting work tomorrow!

Miss Couturable
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