Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Sunday Six: June 8th, 2008

After I finished my SAT biology exam this morning, I stacked my junior year textbooks and exam preparation books to one side of my room -- 3/4 of my high-school career is finished, and my summer has finally begun in a mishmash of retail therapy, writing gigs, and attempts to stuff all my shoes into one suitcase.
  1. After withdrawing myself from anything that could distract from my studies in May, I briskly rewarded myself with a few purchases today. On sale for only $45, the Betseyville by Betsey Johnson 'Vidonia' Pump (felt more like a flat than a high-heel) came in candy shop-colors that my little sister would appreciate -- I suppose I couldn't resist the bold plastic and rhinestone hearts either. I picked up a Moleskine pocket journal from Borders to use as the "omnipotent intern notebook," as recommended by Jazzi. Lastly, I attained a kid's cupcake apron and sweaterknit with a blue sparrow from Anthropologie. Standing at 5'1", the apron fit me perfectly -- and I completely didn't realize it was a child's apron until I checked the website. You might as well give me a lollipop and a nice pat on the head.
  2. So everyone and her mother have seen Sex and the City by now -- and I, finally departing my enclave of perpetual schoolwork, just saw the movie tonight. Controversies aside, the movie ticket was worth the $10.25 to see the clothes.
  3. Just in time for my internship in a week, I came upon two insightful articles with tips for fashion interns: Fashion Tips for Interns for the Pros by Stephanie D. Smith and's Summer Interns Guide.
  4. I will be in Boston for three days this week -- any tips on where to shop, dine, and sightsee?
  5. Speaking of Sex and the City, Sarah Jessica Parker was rocking the over-the-knee argyle socks. Perhaps it's the preppy schoolgirl -- or the Clueless movie fanatic -- in me, but this makes me wonder if I should pack a couple of my own argyles into my suitcase.
  6. I'm an exceedingly vicious shopper -- I pause over every single shelf and rack with a discerning critical eye that thankfully doesn't burn holes into the clothing. Once I find something I like, I wait until I visit the store a second time before I actually purchase the item -- just to be certain of my decisions. How do you shop?
I spent the whole day shopping -- and luckily I had a boy to accompany me, who was willing to carry my bags, wait for me outside of the dressing rooms, and stand awkwardly between rows of dresses. Oh, and who was willing to watch Sex and the City with me -- here's to the friends who are there for you when you least expect it.

Miss Couturable
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