Friday, June 20, 2008

When all else fails, shop

When I met Connie of Pretty Legit, I thought to myself, "I would look ridiculous in that (the chunky boots) and that (the filmy printed shirt tucked into the skirt) -- but how does Connie pull them off so fabulously?"

I pondered this question a little more as I went shopping today -- continuously noting why I was attracted to certain pieces of clothing. I suppose it has something to do with "personal style", that desirable piece of innate sartorial wisdom that many fashionistas seek for years.

Looking at my purchases, I prefer a prim and proper look -- some critics could say I "play it safe", but I've always been attracted to tailored pieces that accentuate femininity and delicacy. In kindergarten, the first piece of clothing I picked for myself was a pale yellow straw sunhat with silk flowers and ribbons adorning the rim.

In a desperate attempt to get out of my room and do something in the city, I picked up a cropped three-quarters-sleeved red dot jacket for $105 (originally $525) at the Bill Blass sample sale. Amused that mostly everyone else at the sample sale was much older than me (my dear mommy would love the pants on sale!), I figured it was a good investment that could change meaning with age -- and maybe my mommy and I could share. I then found myself in the By Francine sample sale, where I purchased a gorgeous ruffled silk tank top and a beautiful intricately decorated black sundress with huge puffy sleeves -- $40 and $70, respectively.

Afterwards, I visited the Botkier sample sale (thanks Fashionista!) in Soho. While I was never an avid admirer of Botkier (knew what it was, didn't bother to thoroughly check it out), I immediately fell in love with the Metallic Pewter Zoe Hobo -- $275 (originally $675). I could feel the blood pulsing through my veins -- bags were stacked on tables all over the room, as potential Botkier-owners (and oftentimes their dragged-along boyfriends) eagerly snatched up and scrutinized each bag.

I said I was going to go home afterwards, but I stumbled into Intermix and bought the Valentino Polka Dot & Crystal Straw Ballerina Flats that I've been coveting ever since I saw them on the Neiman Marcus website two months ago -- $250 (originally $395). The straw is fitting with the summer season, I've been searching for quality black flats for over a year, and I need flats in New York City because I've been walking around in flip flops for most of the week.

However, other than shopping, visiting museums, and watching shows -- what can a 17-years-old girl do on a Friday night in New York City? Please do tell if you know -- otherwise I'm considering traveling from the Upper West Side to Soho again, just for some more Pinkberry and people watching. Not that one could ever have enough clothes, but I think I've reached my quota for quite a while.

Miss Couturable

P.S. Excuse the blurred quality of my images -- I'm using a camera phone since my camera is still in the repair shop.
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