Sunday, June 29, 2008

Who needs froyo?

Now, I absolutely adore Nutella -- I'm pretty sure even cardboard would taste delicious with some thick creamy chocolate-hazelnut goodness spread on it. When I need a quick fix to my sweet tooth, I eat a spoonful (or two) of Nutella straight from the jar -- I even contemplated sneaking an unopened jar from the cupboard at home to take with me to New York City.

As I was walking on Broadway, I spotted a frozen dessert shop called Yolato which sells gelato, sorbet (sorbetto?), and frozen yogurt (yolato?). While I was waiting in line, a freshly made batch of Nutella gelato was brought out.

And so, I walked back to my residence, happily dripping gelato on my pants.

Miss Couturable

P.S. While this may have been a pointless story, I just wanted to share with you a slice of fatty heaven from yesterday.
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