Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Easing into sandals

I'm excruciatingly sick today and I've been lying in bed drenched in my own fever-induced sweat for quite a while -- so logically I decided to treat myself to a pair of new shoes. Or perhaps the sickness has just spread to my head.

I normally do not buy anything online beyond school textbooks -- but when ideeli sent me a notification that these Sonia Rykiel Palmas were on sale for $190 (originally price of $530) -- I forced myself to wake up from my slumber at exactly 1:40pm (when the sale started) and snatched up the only pair in size 36.

I have never bought or worn a pair of sandals before, beyond my pink Kate Spade jelly flip flops (which recently broke after three years) and my sole pair of summery wedges. I'm not too fond of gladiator sandals -- not feminine enough for me and they seem to make my feet stand out atrociously (I'm not a big fan of feet). I also don't want another pair of flip flops, as I use them solely as shower slippers. These Sonia Rykiel sandals, with their gold sheen and dainty black lace, will hopefully allow me to appreciate sandals a bit more.

Then again, there are no returns or exchanges -- so I better appreciate these shoes.

Miss Couturable

P.S. If you want an ideeli invite, feel free to leave your email under comments or email me! I'm all for sharing the retail therapy.
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