Friday, August 1, 2008

Fall-ing for these must-haves

Summer's only half over, but I'm already in back-to-school mode. I'm working fervently on my college applications, digesting the summer reading books required for AP English, and stretching on an obsessive basis to get ready for cheerleading practice. That, and I'm making a list of my back-to-school must-haves.

Black satin bow tie
I have been craving this sleek little piece for over four months. Not only did I have an inspiring United States History teacher last year who wore a bow tie everyday (and sadly for me, will be teaching at Saddle River Day School this fall), but also there is a spread in the August 2008 issue of Elle with satin bow ties being worn in the hair. Whether it's pinned to my hair or tied loosely around my neck, I'm looking forward to channeling my history teacher this fall (I'm not kidding).Grey flat suede boots
I've never owned a pair of Steve Madden shoes before -- while Steve Madden shoes are a staple amongst high-school students, I'm very picky about not wearing the same shoes as someone else from my school. However, Solestruck sent me a pair of these grey suede Steve Madden Bonanza boots, and I can't resist my first pair of boots! The boots are not entirely casual, but the slouch allows for easy slippage over a pair of black skinny jeans. I'm a huge fan of embellishments on shoes, as my past two footwear purchases were a pair of lacy Sonia Rykiel sandals and Swarovski-encrusted Valentino ballerina flats, but when it comes to heavy boots (especially since I'm petite), I prefer clean simplicity.
Soft headbands
I will always love my stiff headbands -- but the allure of soft headbands is irresistible, especially that of this Bow & Pearl Soft Headband from Betsey Johnson. These elastic wonders are no longer relegated to sweaty workouts thanks to the addition of girly adornments.Patterned tights
I don't think we're allowed to wear fishnet stockings at school, but I do love me some subtly-patterned tights. I'll have to make a stop at Century 21 this weekend (my last weekend in the city!) for their fabulous collection of Betsey Johnson, Emilio Cavallini, Wolford, and DKNY tights at extremely low prices.Shu Uemura false eyelashes
I have thick voluminous hair on my head and barely any eyelashes -- can you blame me? Dolling up for school is an indulgence we should engage in every day.Blazer from the boys department
I have enough coats and jackets adorned with lace and ruffles and bows in my closet. I even have a black ruffled blazer that I haven't worn for two years because it looked like it couldn't choose between being a blazer or a blouse. A blazer from the boys department, such as this one from crewcuts, would fit perfectly on my 5'1" petite frame and costs only a fraction of the price of a blazer from the mens department.
Black pencil skirt
It's senior year -- I'm all about the power woman who makes changes underneath the idealistic school girl. Urban Outfitters sells one for only $28 -- too bad it's only online.Cocktail dresses
I've always had trouble finding day dresses that are still "dressy" -- but just yesterday, I read an article about wearing your evening dresses in the daytime. Why not whip out my shorter little black dresses, add a cotton tank top underneath, and slip out in dressy sandals -- or even heels if I'm feeling especially daring?
To be continued.

Miss Couturable

P.S. What are your back-to-school must-haves? Include pictures or links if you'd like!
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