Saturday, July 19, 2008

Head over heels for headbands

After a week of recovery (in other words, going back to work), Miss Couturable is back and running (hopefully, without any visits to the hospital this time!). Yes, I am fine now -- I remember sobbing miserably in the ambulance because I thought I was going to die all alone in New York City and even apologizing to the nurse for "burdening her with my life", but I am finally well. Thank you so much for your kind words, my lovelies!

A lot of you have asked me where to buy headbands -- I've never had trouble buying decorative and ostentatious headbands, but here are some places to get you started:
♡ Handmade headbands can be found on for reasonable prices. Some favorites that I found in only ten minutes are this button headband, this flower bouquet headband, and this feather headband!
♡ If you're willing to splurge, Jennifer Behr makes gorgeous headbands -- yes, the exact ones that Blair Waldorf wears.
♡ Fellow reader Kate referred me to Andrea's Beau, which also sells decorative headbands for reasonable prices. She reports, "Not only are the headbands I've bought there amazingly beautiful, but they are also comfortable, which is something you can't always count on with headbands."
♡ Stop by your local Forever 21 and check out the amazing assortment of headbands -- some for under $3.00!
♡ I adore Nordstrom's selection of headbands. In fact, the department store is one of my first stops when I'm in search of new hair accessories.
♡ I'm a huge fan of venturing into Target when I need cheap (but not cheap-looking!) trendy accessories. They also have a decent selection of basic headbands.
Asia. No, I'm kidding -- sort of. Some of my best headbands come from Asia, where bows and jewels perpetuated the market long before Gossip Girl aired.
♡ If you can't book a vacation to China, Korea, Taiwan, or Japan any time soon, you may be able to find handmade headbands imported from Asia at the small booths in your local mall.
♡ Make your own headbands! Buy some simple plain headbands from H&M and paste on anything you'd like.
Luckily, the chic school girl look is in for fall -- so channel your favorite stylish school girl (Blair Waldorf) with a new array of headbands.

Miss Couturable
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