Thursday, July 24, 2008

Jumping on the bandwagon

I love me some Fake Karl (yes, I know many blogs have already posted this).

I think "fake blogs" are really interesting -- I actually read an article about this in my Spanish language textbook (ha, random). Apparently, some Latin American writers create characters who write in their blogs online. When they're well-written and witty, it's not that hard to believe that these blogs are real -- even though they're not.
I have the urge to dance the waltz like a bat. One needs Yohji's clothes to do such a thing. Chanel allows you to be a bird- a robot- a penguin- a pencil- a pipe organ- a telephone- a shoehorn; but not a bat.
It's so ridiculous that I want to meet the masterminds behind this blog. And dance the waltz like a bat.

Miss Couturable
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