Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My 15 minutes of fame

I did not post this earlier because I wanted to wait until someone could give me a scan of this page in the August 2008 issue of Seventeen ("17 Best-Dressed Girls in America"), instead of this photograph that I took from Kaelah (#10). That said, I don't have a scan of this page yet -- so if anyone is willing to email me the scan of the entire page (because as you can tell, some parts are cut off), I will be eternally grateful. Thank you so much, Rosie!

I am #9, obviously.
  1. Yes indeed, I did buy that cropped jacket from Target. I'm pretty sure I've worn it around school many times and no one realized where it was from. Most of the time, the clothes at Target are too big for me (yes, even size XS!) -- but I still think it's a fantastic place for clothes that no one else has (because I don't think the average person suspects a fashionista to shop at Target). The quality is great too -- none of the pieces I've bought from Target have become damaged in any way.
  2. I really love bows, but if you've been reading my blog for a while, you probably already know that.
  3. I wore headbands before Gossip Girl aired -- but only a few weeks before. Luckily, I've found buying headbands to be easier after the trend caught onto mainstream America. My mommy buys me headbands because it's the only thing we can both agree on -- and I, being too lazy to do my hair after pulling all-nighters, enjoy looking put-together without the effort.
  4. The photograph was taken back in April. The photographer flew all the way to my house from New York City -- she's absolutely wonderful!
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