Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Sunday Six: July 27th, 2008

I'm sitting in the parlor, watching a television program about the benefits of playing bridge. Do you play bridge? Apparently, Warren Buffet and Bill Gates grew up playing the game.
(Photo Credit -- Secretista)
  1. Yesterday, I went to Sugar Sweet Sunshine for cupcakes with Dara of Secretista. Please excuse my disgusting stringy hair and oily complexion -- actually, I don't have an excuse, but I spent over an hour trying to find my way to the bakery since the normal trains weren't running. I was famished and forced myself to eat two cupcakes -- they were okay. I almost think that I could make equally tasty cupcakes if I used a Duncan Hines mix, but the price ($1.50 per cupcake) made up for the generic mediocrity (I'm no cupcake expert, so take everything I say with a grain of salt). The $.25 cup of tepid water and the $4.50 of so-called lemonade (more like, lemon water in a cup full of ice) were disappointing though, especially because I was thirsty.
  2. I recently met my fellow Bay (Yay?) Area-er, Teresa, at a Mediabistro event! Her blog is extremely entertaining and educational -- as she dispenses some valuable dating advice in this entry. "The paper quality of your business card. Are you a baller?"
  3. I am finally at the age where most of the girls on the 2008 U.S. Gymnastics Team are younger than me. I'm so impressed and in awe, but I'm also feeling old for a 17-years-old. I'm so excited to watch the Olympics; there is a healthy balance of different body types that I think could be beneficial and inspiring for anyone who watches the competitions.
  4. I love mismatched earrings too.
  5. Does anyone else spend hours upon hours reading Jezebel? And not just the article, but the comments too?
  6. Speaking of earrings, one of the elderly ladies in my building just gave me a pair.
I'm going to learn how to play bridge before I graduate.

Miss Couturable
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