Monday, July 7, 2008

Why I am so addicted to Gmail

"It's Chanel. You're comparing Gucci to Chanel. That's like comparing a Mercedes to a Bentley!" Quoth the salesman who reminded me strongly of Suzuki St. Pierre (the Fashion TV host) from Ugly Betty. My aunt and my mom were asking about a gorgeous, amazing pair of Chanel sunglasses. You know, the kind that make your haircut look better and your whole outfit look more expensive. We were just asking if there was a discount, because Gucci had discounts on theirs in another store. Chanel doesn't do that. Now we know.
A friend and recent graduate of my high school started a project where she sends personal emails to her lovelies through a mailing list -- a great alternative to a blog and much more intimate. It definitely brightens up my day to read through these delightful emails filled with interesting tidbits and beautiful graphics.

I've never had an interesting salesperson incident (unless you count getting snubbed by the sales staff at PacSun in fifth grade) -- so reading my dear friend's encounter at Chanel makes me wish I was a member of more sweet mailing lists like this.

Miss Couturable

P.S. Yes, I am in the August 2008 issue of Seventeen as one of the "17 Best-Dressed Girls in America". No, I have not picked up a copy yet. Yes, I have seen it. I really love reading about other girls' style. And yes, I am going to cover my head with a paper bag from now on.
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