Saturday, August 30, 2008

Matriculation wear

I rarely post my outfits on my blog -- mostly because I don't think my personal style is very "inspiring" anyways. Personal style is, well, very personal to me and I've yet to find the time in my life to share my fashion hits-and-misses with the world everyday.

Now, I love wearing heels to school -- so it was very surprising (to myself) that I opted for sandals and a short little black dress for Matriculation, a.k.a the first of day of school but not class, a.k.a the day where we sit in the scorching sun and listen to speeches, a.k.a one of the happiest days of my life because I get to see my lovely classmates.

The photo, above, is of my wonderful advisory group. We're all very different, we don't hang out with the same group of friends -- once a week, we gather together with our teacher-advisor and chat together like we're family. I'm, of course, the girl in the short black By Francine dress with huge puffy sleeves and Sonia Rykiel sandals -- or maybe you just noticed the fact that my face is paler than my legs.

I decided to dress down (as in, this is an outfit I'd wear to class, not just to a formal school ceremony) because as a senior, I've finally realized that one should always look presentable and dressed-up at school. Why save your best look for the first day of school when you might need it as a confidence booster on the day of your big psychology exam?

Miss Couturable
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