Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Sunday Six: August 31st, 2008

Every day, I receive piles and piles of mail from colleges, some of which I will never open and some of which I keep stacked on my desk in case I ever need to refer back to the brochures. Every single letter, catalog, and brochure I receive gives me comfort, knowing how lucky I am to be attending school in the United States where there is almost a guarantee that I will get into a college. In China (and many other Asian countries), students take one exam once a year to get into college -- and that score determines the college they get into. Just another blessing that we take for granted, eh?
  1. Natalie (good luck at Harvard!) sent me this video she made this week, inspired by singer Brooke Waggoner's new song, "Live for the Sounds". I'm no musical connoisseur, but I've played this video about twenty times so far and I absolutely adore the upbeat instrumentals and whimsical tones -- I'm definitely buying the album when it comes out on September 9th, 2008! We need more happy songs that inspire us -- and is not her website the cutest thing?
  2. "And please take the advice I gave you a few messages ago about believing in yourself during the college admissions process. You are a truly extraordinary young woman, and you should have the faith that you'll end up at a great school. I know for certain that [insert amazing college counselor] would want you to see this process less as a competition with your peers around the nation and more as a means to discover a college that is a good fit for you - a place where you will be able to explore, learn, and grow - and enjoy what should be four of the most exciting years of your life. I would encourage you to be open to the possibilities of the process, even to let fate have a role in it," writes my favorite English teacher in a recent email to me. I had been stressing out so much about college applications that I had forgotten to explore and open my eyes wider to the possibilities of the future.
  3. As a girl who has always dreamed of being a Disney Princess (and yes, I love that term and I don't give a toot as to what you may think of it), Chic and Charming's post on Disney-inspired outfits is just my cup of tea!
  4. Susie Bubble asks you what you do with your not-plastic bags. While in SoHo, I was captivated by a particular $80 Anna Sui tote that I thought to be perfect for grocery shopping -- only to realize how I didn't need a $80 bag for grocery shopping.
  5. Even if you didn't care about Phelps' world record, I hope you still watched the Opening and Closing Ceremonies for the Beijing 2008 Olympics. If you missed them (or just want to relive the magnificence), there is a multitude of phenomenal photos here. Outfit inspiration, anyone?
  6. Gossip Girl Season 2 begins this Monday! Join me in couch potato-ing.
But really, I hope you've all had a blessed week (especially if you're started school like me!). Here's to terrific beginnings, shaky obstacles, and surprise endings!

Miss Couturable
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