Sunday, September 28, 2008

Appreciating The Cupcake

Sprinkles Cupcakes opened up in Palo Alto last week, so in order to recapture my moments of cupcake binging in New York City, I begged my friends to make a Friday afternoon stop there after we had visited the Cantor Art Center.

A couple Picassos, Gauguins, and Rodins later, I decided that my favorite piece in the museum was a gaudy still-life painting of a picnic table with slices of cake. I really wanted that Sprinkles cupcake.

So we waited in line at Sprinkles amongst pretty girls and their equally pretty boyfriends -- until my friends decided that the delectable and overpriced $3.25 cupcake wasn't worth the wait. The sun was excruciatingly bright that day, and they were craving some "cold, sweet" Red Mango frozen yogurt, with an emphasis on the "cold." I acquiesced since I cannot say no to mochi ball toppings.

I am still determined to get my sweet Sprinkles cupcake in the near future -- with a friend who I shared my first Magnolia Bakery cupcake (eck) with. I do believe that in order to appreciate The Cupcake, one must spend some time in New York City.

Miss Couturable
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