Saturday, September 20, 2008

E. Jean love

When the latest issue of Elle arrives, I always immediately flip to E. Jean's column first.

Here is the introduction for this month's column:
Dolls, here's your Annual Ask Eeee Guide to Personal Style, a Dilemma Manual spotlighting: social correspondence (how to compose a condolence note to that socialite whose husband was the boss with whom you accidentally had the throbbing affair); gifts (what to do when a man presents you with an erection); status climbing (when you are looking up at your chihuahua, you may be lying on the sidewalk); and more...
This may seem somewhat out of character, but I think it'd be phenomenal to be listed as one of the Top Campus Sex Columnists on her website someday when I'm in college. If I was writing a relationship column for the school newspaper.

Chanel 2.55? Booty calls? Don't worry Daddy (or any teachers potentially reading this, ahem), I'm still more interested in the purse.

I mean, in reality, I just want to be acknowledged by the fabulous E. Jean.

Miss Couturable

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