Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I love my mastheads

I know, I skipped The Sunday Six last week. I was thinking about taking another hiatus, but I did not want to spam your Google Reader feeds with my halfhearted attempts at taking a blogging break -- only to come back four days later. I'm really sorry.

But maybe I should call this a kindasortamaybe hiatus because I haven't been blogging on a daily basis like I used to (you know, before college applications and my choice to take five AP courses). I'd like to get back to my regular blogging routine as soon as I can, but you know, I have my typical high-school student top priorities: Family, God, friends, schoolwork, extracurricular, and college applications. Connie of Pretty Legit wrote as one of her new resolutions: To always opt for “leaving the house” when I have the choice between the two options. I suppose, subconciously, this has been one of my resolutions too -- after coming back from New York City and realizing how beautiful every insignificant moment of life is.

That said, I just checked out the latest issue of Seventeen with America Ferrera (wow, isn't she glowingly gorgeous?) on the cover and I flipped to the masthead page and I'm listed as an intern on the masthead! My name in print in a national magazine. I'm going to be the magazine geek I always am and frame the masthead page in my room.

Miss Couturable
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