Thursday, September 11, 2008

Mochi craving

My dear cutefaces, as I've stated before, I am working as Fashion Features Editor for Mochi Magazine, a new magazine for Asian-American girls. Fellow blogger Teresa (and Features Director) introduced me to the non-profit publication, in fact.

However, because we are a non-profit publication (trust me, I don't earn a cent for this) -- we need to amp up our subscriptions before our first issue comes out in a short few weeks.

Now, if you're avid readers of Miss Couturable or Teresa's blog and you're Asian-American, I deeply encourage you to subscribe to the magazine; $21 for four issues (one year) or $35 for eight issues (two years). Or, you can just buy one issue to try it out for only $5.50. Please click here to subscribe.

To say the very least, I've never met so many Asian-American girls in high school, college, and beyond who are so devoted to publishing -- and who are so passionate about empowering Asian-American girls. There is extremely high-quality content in this magazine -- from pretty clothes to interesting tidbits about Asian-American figures you might not know about yet.

The bottom line is, if you're Asian-American and you enjoy my blog, you will love Mochi -- so please subscribe. I don't make a cent from my involvement with this publication, but I'm so proud to be working with it.

Miss Couturable

P.S. Please make a note to Mochi if you do subscribe with "Noel Duan" as your referrer -- I'd really like to keep track of how many subscribers I can get.
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