Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Sunday Six: September 7th, 2008

I'm definitely struggling between finding a balance between schoolwork and Fashion Week -- are you?
  1. Some of you, my dears, have asked me for opportunities to blog on Miss Couturable. Because Miss Couturable is a somewhat personal blog, that is not possible. However, I've recently received ownership of does this look stupid (quite the addicting website), and I'm looking for some fashion writers for the does this look stupid blog. I'm looking for high-quality writing -- I'm not particularly interested in "copying" a celebrity's style or achieving the Gossip Girl look for this blog, but I'm open to anything so give it a shot!. I'm looking for youthful voices interested in promoting fashion discussion and even helpful personal anecdotes related to style -- related to the younger audience! AP Style should be loosely observed and decent grammar, spelling, and typing should be utilized (I know I abuse these rules, but I have my pet peeves). Email me with related writing samples (or two sample blog posts!), a resume (if applicable), and a charming note. Please note that if you're great at making graphics, I would love to see samples (blogging isn't just about writing, after all!). Oh and yes -- I will pay you. But really, I have a lot to work on for this website so it probably won't be enough to cover the latest Marc Jacobs bag.
  2. I'm working on a charity fashion show for next spring -- along with a battle of the bands and international food booths, all to support the March of Dimes. I already have a tentative yes from one phenomenal young up-and-coming designer (I'm so excited because I will most likely be ordering my senior prom dress from her too!), but I am inquiring if anyone knows of any other up-and-coming designers that I could try to contact (when I say up-and-coming, I truly mean unknown and not Vena Cava). The designer's collection would have to appeal to the high-school audience. I don't want to produce another department store fashion show -- I'm definitely looking to find as many young designers as possible!
  3. Oh dear, I forgot to ask about Gossip Girl Season 2 so far! What a scandalous season premiere, no? I had to tell my little sister (who is a huge fan of Gossip Girl too) to leave the room and watch Wizards of Waverly Place instead.
  4. Speaking of which, did your male friends watch Gossip Girl too? Joshua Alston of Newsweek speculates as to why some men enjoy watching the show. One of my best guy friends, in fact, offered his commentary to me as he watched the season premiere episode.
  5. The poor bloggers from Fashionista got locked out of the Alexander Wang show this morning, but the collection is quite enticing! I need to save up for this sweater.
  6. I'm working for a new magazine for Asian-American girls called Mochi. Teresa introduced me to it, since she's Features Director. If you're Asian-American, I definitely think you should check the website/magazine out. It's really nice to know that there's other Asian-American girls out there who are passionate about writing, fashion, photography, design, and so much more.
Now, please excuse me as I try to finish reading three chapters of my psychology textbook while simulataneously saving my favorite photos from Fashion Week.

Miss Couturable

P.S. If you have any friends who can help me with the does this look stupid blog or the charity fashion show, please forward this to them! Thanks so much!
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