Thursday, October 9, 2008

Cheesy but necessary

Dear readers of Miss Couturable (again),

Today, a representative from Harvard University came to visit my school. I entered the meeting, half-amused at myself because I could not fathom how I, not a National Merit Semifinalist or a member of Cum Laude Society, should even have hopes of attending such a wonderful university like Harvard.

Well, one thing from the meeting with the fabulous representative resonated with me the most: There is no harm in applying.

After school, I watched one of my best friends stride by in frustration at the "competition" and "pressure" of applying to the same colleges as our peers. I won't deny it -- it is frustrating to always do your best and still never feel good enough, it is discouraging to study hard but not do as well as someone else who studied less.

But please, my lovelies -- whether you're in high school or beyond -- please do not compare yourself to other girls, no matter how lovely they may seem.
♡ Shove that resume back into your drawer. Put your college applications back into their folders. Stop worrying about your SAT scores. You are not your diploma, your extracurricular activities, your grades, or your list of references. You are what makes you tick at 3:00am in the morning, where your mind wanders to in a stream of consciousness as you walk to your next class, and why you'd rather eat a hot fudge sundae instead of Caesar salad (or not). And that makes you irreplaceable.

♡ You've changed someone else's life whether you realize it or not (so realize it, now!). Today, you made someone smile -- and if you make someone smile, you will be remembered. Just remember to smile back. And that makes you unforgettable.

♡ Every time you envy another girl for her Lanvin flats, someone else is envying you for your crinkling laugh. And that makes you admirable.

♡ You're not perfect. You might burp too loud, have two left feet, forget names easily, or sing off-tune. And that makes you lovable.

♡ Because you're irreplaceable, unforgettable, admirable, and lovable -- you don't need someone else to remind you that you're beautiful. Really, there is no better validation of beauty than from yourself.
Miss Couturable
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