Saturday, October 4, 2008

I take back my words again

(Photo Credit -- Seventeen, October 2008)
Earlier this year, I sacrificed a potential ballerina flat purchase for my first pair of sandals. Once upon a time (as in, eight months ago), I was revolted by the idea of wearing shoes that revealed my toes.

So I probably shouldn't be surprised at myself for craving a pair of black sequined hi-top Converse Chucks after flipping through this month's issue of Seventeen -- even though less than 24 hours ago, I was mentioning to my friends how I would never wear a pair of Converse. I really couldn't imagine trading in a sparkly ballet flat for a Chuck Taylor.

However, I'm loving the idea of wearing the sequined Chucks with skinny jeans or flouncy jumpers and minidresses. Perhaps the minidresses could be paired with lacy tights or lacy socks (as Seventeen does it) for a "I'm still proper, but a lot more comfortable" look.

Never say never.

Miss Couturable
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