Thursday, October 2, 2008

Please rock the vote

Whether you support Obama-Biden, McCain-Palin, or neither -- you really can't dispute Obama's appeal to the youth of America. Especially to the Teen Vogue audience.For example, designers such as Marc Jacobs and Alexander Wang for Obama are revamping the traditional concepts of campaign paraphrenalia: would you rather have a plastic pin or a Zac Posen tank top for $45.00? I'm trusting you to make the right choice.

Or how about how Gossip Girl supports Obama -- apparently, Obama is a Blair. Really, you can't argue with Gossip Girl.

That said, my dear American lovelies, please do your part on November 4th, 2008. Vote for the candidate that you think is best for our country -- please don't cast your vote based off of Gossip Girl or creative campaigns or heaven forbid, who your friends are voting for. Be informed, read the news, learn the consequences of public policy -- be educated and educate others.

Alas, I was born one month too late to be eligible for voting -- but trust me, I'm watching the Biden vs. Palin debate tonight.

Miss Couturable
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