Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Sunday Six: October 26th, 2008

My favorite aspect of three-day weekends is catching up on sleep. I just got up and it's already 8:30am -- which is very late for me. Usually I'm up around 4:30am, doing whatever partial-insomniacs do and trying to conceal the dark shadows under my eyes with bareMinerals foundation by 7:00am.
  1. Teresa created two hilarious blogs called My Mom is a Fob and My Dad is a Fob. For those of you (like me) with Asian-immigrant parents, it's a quite a joy to discover that our adorable parents have peers. And that their children are willing to share this with the world whether they like it or not.
  2. I really don't like to wear t-shirts, but JUST BE sent me two organic cotton t-shirts and I'm determined to buy more organic cotton shirts because it's like wearing woven powder.
  3. But I would wear this t-shirt. Team Blair! Going on the Christmas/Birthday wish list, perhaps?
  4. Read these hilarious Halloween costume stories on Daddy Likely and vote for your favorite one! My parents used to buy me costumes two sizes too big so that I'd "grow into" them, assuming I was supposed to wear them three years in a row
  5. I actually don't watch Youtube very often, but I must say that my favorite Youtube channel is Kevjumba. Girls are like M&M's...
  6. I turned in my first college application last night! There are quite a few more to go, but I was so relieved to have one of them done. Guess which one? Hint: East coast.
Time to catch up on Elle -- oh, and the Hermès mens catalog my mumsies sent me. How did she know that I want to pull off menswear?

Miss Couturable
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