Thursday, November 27, 2008

Apologies for the holidays

"I asked for a Harry Winston choker for my birthday. Instead, I got a conscience." -- Blair Waldorf
Dear readers of Miss Couturable,

It has been of great concern to me that I may have offended some of you with my enthusiasm for Black Friday sales. This hasn't been the first time that I've been accused of living in a glass bowl or in a bubble -- there is no reason why any of you should pity me for this, as I wholeheartedly believe that my readers are wiser and more worldly than me and can assert their judgments on me to some degree.

I know that I am lucky. Most parents would not be willing to allow their 17-years-old daughter to live in her own apartment on the Upper West Side in New York City for two months -- 3,000 miles away from home (dear Mommy and Daddy, thank you for everything). I know I lament over my lack of sleep thanks to my choice of taking 5 AP classes, but I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to attend a school that offers me these resources. I definitely am a very lucky girl with no right to be as happy as I am, and I was wrong to be thankful for something as trivial as Black Friday sales when I know some of my own friends are not exchanging Christmas presents this year because they cannot afford to do so. I am not proud of myself for what I said and I cannot defend myself for this reason. I am very sorry.

So, in perhaps the most personal piece of writing that you will ever see on Miss Couturable (really, I try to refrain from being too personal), I would like to truly express my gratitude to:

Daddy: I still remember waking up in the middle of the night at the hospital and finding you crying next to my bed. Thank you for loving me in spite of the difficulties of raising me -- I guess our relationship defines tough love, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

The opportunities I have; the pressure to achieve success is a lucky possession to have.

Mommy: You helped me hide my D on my 5th grade math test from Daddy. You're rarely home anymore, but it made me laugh when you called yesterday and told me that you were buying me a collection of pearl earrings and more headbands. Thank you for loving me like only a mother could -- no one else would take temperature when I have the flu.

God; faith is precious.

Kathy: You taught me to share. Thanks for being the younger, prettier, more talented daughter -- I know you're only 9, but I have big hopes for you.

Free speech.

Alyssa, Priya, Stephanie, Janet, Gabby, Daniel, Kelly, Sarah, Juliane, Nate, Mai, Steffo, Prachi, Albert: Thanks for making me want to be a better person -- and for teaching me what it means to selflessly love. Where would I be without my charming friends, who are always there to tease me or to shake some sense into me? I'm pretty sure some of you read Miss Couturable (Nate, don't lie, I've seen it open on your internet browser).

Inspiration -- whether I'm writing my college applications or brainstorming an angle for a new article.

My amazing teachers, past and present: You've all truly changed the way I see the world. Thank you for more than an education.

President-Elect Obama.

Bloggers and blog readers like you who make me think.

A warm bed, a home, leftovers in the fridge, security, and all the simple things that make me the luckiest and happiest girl in the world.

Noel (just Noel)
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