Monday, December 1, 2008

Photography lessons

My journalism teacher told me that I needed to improve my photography skills -- and so, while I'm trying not to contain my excitement, there is a new Nikon D300 camera in the room next door that I am currently reading the instruction manual for. While I won't be the next Annie Leibovitz, there is a lot about fashion, art, and journalism that I still need to learn! One cannot underestimate the power of the lens.
Pamela Reed and Matthew Rader of Reed + Rader produce some of my favorite pieces of contemporary photography -- with one glance at their portfolio, you can find both alluring and yet disturbing elements. The muffled women, the isolated desert scenes; the subject of each photograph seems to be the photograph itself. I wouldn't just call them photographers -- they're visual artists that combine stunning photography with computer arts. Animation included.

Is it intriguing? Most definitely. Is it Vogue? Probably not; I'm guessing Anna Wintour wouldn't like the strange purple monster in that model's hand.

Miss Couturable
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