Monday, November 24, 2008

Rooming with editors

This morning, I stumbled upon the following notice, which may appeal to recent college graduates in New York City:
East Village apt with Editors at Nylon and Lucky
$1,140 - East Village apartment available - washer/dryer, backyard & lots more… (10009)
Num Rooms: 3
Num Baths: 2
E. 11th St. (near b/n B and C)

Move in December 1 (date is flexible), lease goes until August. Rent is $1140 plus utilities. Email if interested. Thanks!!

* Location: 11th St. between B & C. Avenue B has Gruppo pizza, Back 40 and lots of fun dives, coffee shops and vintage stores. Avenue C has Esperanto, Cafe Cito, Zum Schneider, Sunburnt Cow, Porch and so much else within walking distance. Convenient to Whole Foods & Trader Joe’s in Union Square and Associated on C & 8th. Spin City (best drycleaner in the EV), Kasadela (home of the city’s largest sake selection) and Tompkins Square Park are all right down the street.

* Three bedrooms on the first and basement floors of a pre-war building - available room is on the first floor, roughly 8x12 with a closet and a backyard (non-street-side) view. Painted a nice light blue/green.

* Backyard we share with three 20-somethings who are nice and fun. Grill, patio furniture and a few flowers with potential for more.

* Washing machine and dryer *IN THE APARTMENT* - located in the kitchen. I can’t tell you how much this will change your life.

* Living room with a humongous flat-screen TV.

* Dishwasher

* Great shower pressure

* The roommates: Caroline & Faran, two lovely ladies in their mid-20s who work at Lucky and Nylon, respectively. Laid-back and fun, both very busy but cool to kick it with.
Honestly, I love Caroline Kinneberg and Faran Krentcil's work -- the Lucky website wouldn't be as resourceful without Caroline and Faran, of course, founded Fashionista. How amazing would it be to room with some phenomenally talented editors?

Then again, I wouldn't want them to hear me sing in the shower.

Miss Couturable
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