Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Sunday Six: November 30th, 2008

Assuming most of you are going back to school (like me) or work tomorrow, I hope you savor your last few hours of the weekend (and Thanksgiving break).
  1. I walked past a nice elderly lady who was selling jewelry on a table -- most of which were too sparkly for me -- but she was selling these big glass disks on silver chokers. My Gothic Literature teacher wears giant stones as jewelry, which has fascinated me even more than her crisp British accent, so I was eager to find a choker that focuses on a single giant piece. It's better than pasting a giant disk on my neck, I suppose.
  2. Terry Richardson's 2009 Vogue Calender via Pretty Legit -- saucy, no?
  3. I give kudos to the movie, Twilight, for integrating racial diversity into that small town in Washington (which seems somewhat unlikely because I was the only Asian in a small town in Oregon many years ago, but oh well) -- but I still find the dialogue to be laughable. "You're like my own personal brand of heroin." Really?
  4. I absolutely adore Jane from Sea of Shoes. And her mother. And her "father". I'm sure you do too!
  5. A bit random, but this article from TIME about designing restaurant menus is fascinating -- marketing, marketing.
  6. Now tell me, what did you do for Thanksgiving? My family's quite tiny, and Mumsies is out of town (not to mention, good ol' Daddy can't cook very well, bless his soul), so we (as in my father, my little sister, and me) went to Trevese for an amazing five-course dinner -- after watching Twilight (which surprisingly was my father's pick).
Is tomorrow really December 1st? What excites you about this year's holiday season?

Miss Couturable
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