Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Sunday Six: November 9th, 2008

I didn't think Twitter would be so useful -- but I've found many of tidbits for this week's Sunday Six simply by twittering! I'm slowly embracing social media, site by site.
  1. These Disney Retro Pinups paintings by Amy Mebberson are fantastic -- I'm hoping to buy the Snow White print (the red garter is a nice finish, no?) for my dorm room in college. This is just one of the reasons why I will never outgrow Disney. Thanks Chic and Charming @ Twitter!
  2. A guilty pleasure of mine is reading horoscopes -- I always make sure to read them at the backs of magazines, but I had not found a suitable and decent online horoscope website until now. Astrobarry horoscopes are both insightful and realistic -- not to mention detailed. Thanks Gala Darling @ Twitter!
  3. I'm just as excited that my name is listed in the masthead of the November 2008 issue of Seventeen as I was for the October 2008 issue. I'll be at Borders buying extra copies very soon.
  4. I've been updating and cleaning up my blogroll like Susie Bubble -- if you have a blog that you'd like me to check out and potentially place on my blogroll, feel free to comment here. However, I only list blogs that I personally subscribe to myself.
  5. I summed up my courage this afternoon and tried out as a model for the school fashion show! The results come out tomorrow, but either way I'm proud of myself for taking a chance and even blowing a kiss at the judges. If I didn't try out this year as a senior, I would never have the chance again.
  6. Susie Bubble introduces us to Spanish luxury brand Loewe! I'm craving the ruffled pumps.
Now, please twitter me if you haven't already -- or start twittering, because social media is not leaving the internet.

Miss Couturable
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