Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving thanks

Happy Thanksgiving, whether or not you celebrate the holiday! While Mumsies won't be home tomorrow, I am exceptionally thankful for:
webcam sessions with my little sister ♡ walking barefoot through the rain ♡ tear-jerking reconciliations with best friends ♡ President-Elect Obama ♡ luxuriating in polka-dotted silk stockings ♡ spiced apple cider soda with cranberry froth ♡ moments of inspiration while working on my college applications ♡ Black Friday sales during the economic crisis ♡ leisurely moments during Thanksgiving break when I can curl up in bed with a stack of magazines ♡ God ♡ free speech ♡ quite possibly the most wonderful and exciting year ever ♡ the potential of falling in love ♡ opportunities for success ♡ foolish mistakes ♡ lessons learned from such mistakes ♡ a limitless future ♡ falling asleep to the scent of coconut oil ♡ wool peacoats and cashmere sweaters ♡ endless cupcake bakeries within driving distance of my house ♡ knowing that we have the means and ability to change the world ♡ getting to know lovely people like you
What are you thankful for?

Miss Couturable
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