Thursday, November 6, 2008

Tulle and tutus

Diana asked me if I knew where to get a wearable tutu skirt, which is a piece I myself have sought ever since model Elma Huskic was photographed in the streets of New York City in a vintage tutu, blazer, leather boots, and tights.

If we can't all be Elma Huskic and find the perfect vintage tutu in our corner consignment store, I have found that Jenjoy Designs (which I've mentioned before) makes some phenomenal wearable tutus. I also think the more daring could wear an actual rehearsal tutu -- at $43.20, it's cheaper than the wearable tutus. Similarly, Miss Priss Tutus makes some darling adult tutus that I'm contemplating for my 18th birthday.

However, those who aren't so keen to blatantly wear layers and layers of tulle can opt for a petticoat instead -- cheaper, but just as romantic.

Miss Couturable
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