Friday, December 5, 2008

Backpack revival

There is a girl at my school who carries a gigantic Juicy Couture tote bag for all of her school materials everyday, heels or no heels. The cloth bag is stretched tight and packed with books, and the poor girl always walks around campus with an extreme tilt to her left because the giant bag weighs her down.

Personally, I don't think the tote bag is worth the posture problem. I, being the booknerd that I am, carry a monogrammed black backpack with zebra-print ribbon along with a bamboo cloth laptop bag. The truth is, my classes are spread apart on campus and I have pounds of books for each class -- which is further exemplified by the fact that most girls at my school also carry backpacks because carrying a tote bag comfortably is almost impossible unless one is willing to carry some of the books or upgrade to a bigger (and more backbreaking) tote bag. Tote bags work when one doesn't have too many books -- otherwise, it just looks ridiculously impractical.

Therefore, I have an attachment to backpacks -- and I don't think they deserve the contempt that they get amongst "fashionable" teenage girls. I was pleased to discover WSJ. Magazine's article about Gucci's new line of backpacks. These backpacks are of a reasonable and practical size -- and definitely sharp enough for us style-discerning booknerds.

I mean, asking our teachers to cut down on the textbooks probably won't work.

Miss Couturable
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