Monday, December 29, 2008

Reluctant hiatus

Oh my goodness, I've had a throbbing migraine all day and there are so many new additions that I'm planning for Miss Couturable in 2009.

For example, frequent outfit postings for when I don't have a headache and disheveled hair (yes, I am going to use the tripod! I will show my face and you will see my Minnie Mouse cheekbones!), a Q&A (in case you're dying to know what I eat for breakfast, but probably not), much more fashion commentary (hey, can't stop me from writing whether or not I have the credentials for it), somewhat exciting tidbits of my daily life (I do regret never telling you all about my photoshoot with Seventeen when the photographer came over to my house), and some helpful articles for my teen readers (I will help you all get through the hurdles of shopping for a prom dress or studying for the SAT). Oh, and quite possible a new layout -- anyone care to help me out?

In the meantime, I'm still a first semester high school senior and I have one college application to finish, an extra credit AP Psychology project to do (possibly raising my grade 2.5 points!), an AP Psychology cumulative not-a-final-because-seniors-don't-get-finals exam to ace, a conceptual AP Statistics quiz to ace, a massive Gothic Literature research paper to write, plenty of pages to work on for the school yearbook, and an optional AP English Literature essay to write (and read the book for). And this is just my work for this week.

Once I'm a second semester senior in three weeks, I'll throw a tea party. Hopefully this is understandable -- my migraine was just the last straw for me. The truth is, I need a breather before I'm refreshed again. Happy new year!

Miss Couturable
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