Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Sunday Six: December 14th, 2008

I just finished my government paper -- which means I'm finally on winter break (minus college applications and some articles I need to catch up on due to sickness)! Thank goodness for not having final exams as a senior.
  1. Teresa's explication about what blogging means to her made me cry. I am such a geek.
  2. Mochi, an online (was going to be print, but the recession didn't help) magazine for Asian-American girls that I do some writing and editing for, has some great articles -- including an exclusive Brenda Song feature!
  3. Every day, Gala is hosting some wonderful holiday giveaways! Please check them out and enter them if you can -- the prizes are absolutely fantastic. Gosh, she spoils her readers, no?
  4. Happy birthday, Susie Bubble! Now everyone, head over to her blog and tell her that she doesn't look a day over 18/20/22.
  5. An eye for an eye? How do you feel about this? Ameneh Bahrami was blinded and severely disfigured four years ago when a rejected suitor took his revenge by dumping sulfuric acid on her head
  6. Miss at la Playa (my favorite Spanish blog) has Prada desktop wallpapers!
Now excuse me, I'm still horrified that Britney Spears concert tickets are over $300. Even Spice Girls reunion concert tickets could be bought pre-sale for $85!

Miss Couturable
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