Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Sunday Six: December 28th, 2008

Hopefully everyone had a wonderful holiday break -- of course, I still have one more week left until school begins, but I have so much work to do within these next few days! 2009 (a.k.a., graduation year) is in only four days and I'm so excited for all of the exciting things that the new year will bring!
  1. The Christmas spirit of giving is alive -- whether or not the jolly old fat man exists. Just read this postsecret from two weeks ago and the emailed responses underneath it.
  2. For about three days straight, I watched three seasons of Gilmore Girls. "You officially have no life," remarked a friend. Luckily, I stopped being a couch potato last night. Holiday breaks are excellent for being a sloth. Have you been watching any television shows lately, perhaps nonstop like me?
  3. This morning, I worked with some classmates in preparing lunch at a local family homeless shelter. I wished more of my classmates could have come. I hope you all find some time within the next few days to spread some holiday spirit! It takes the community to change the community.
  4. I've decided that it's time to get a real job -- whether it's steady freelance writing or a Starbucks barista position. Any suggestions?
  5. Okay, so it's a new year (almost). Now tell me, what would you like to see on Miss Couturable? Outfit posts (I should probably get my new camera to work anyways)? More commentary? Less commentary (scratch that, nothing can keep me from writing)? Q&A?
  6. New obsession: World War II propaganda film. Propaganda is a fascinating approach to studying history. Fine, I admit it, I really am a couch potato.
And so here concludes the last Sunday Six of 2008.

Miss Couturable
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